Window installation

Window installation

The quality of a window is directly linked to its installation.

Although windows let in light, they must also be waterproof and protect us against bad weather. It takes a long time to choose the perfect product, but very few people take so much time in choosing who it will be installed.

As with all window and door replacement products, it is when you take the measurement that you can start avoiding potential problems, by evaluating the location of the new window, what kind of exterior finish is there, because this will determine the thickness of the wall, the type of interior moldings that we will need to replace by the same type and size etc.

The most important and costly damage is caused by water infiltration, and very often its origin can be established from the seal of one or more Windows. Taking the time during the installation to choose the different insulations and seals is very important.

The installation teams at Doucet Windows and Doors are equipped for all situations, have peace of mind and choose us for your replacement project of doors and windows.

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