Patio Door installation

Patio Door installation

Installing a patio door requires special attention.

Probably the largest exterior access in your house, this product which is available in several sizes, it is very heavy, and for a successful and durable installation, it must be well positioned and well seated on the structure of the floor of your house. . The higher the weight, the more it will be necessary to add shims between the door and the floor over the entire width of the patio door, in order to solidify the threshold.

Often when there are operating problems with patio doors, they are mostly related to the installation. If you walk on the threshold when you go through the patio door, and the sliding panels are very heavy, poor seating and bad squaring are the cause.

When taking the measurements at the location it will be possible for us to assess whether we will need lifting equipment such as a basket, and we will determine the best way to transport the door.

Doucet Windows and Doors guarantees its work. We work for you, we install products with inspiration, as if we were doing it for ourselves, entrust us with your project and you would be delighted.

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